Environment & Sustainability

Our commitment to the Territory

Invest local, buy local, employ local, recycle, support community, support the Territory

Uluru Camel Tours is a proud Territory business and is committed to growing

our business and the communities we do business in sustainably.

Our operations are conducted sensitively, minimising our impact on our fragile environment and we

promote appreciation of its beauty and value to our guests.


Uluru Camel Tours uses minimum amounts of water with the following initiatives ensuring we conserve this precious resource:

Stock – Camels are animals with great capacity with limited water consumption – perfect for our desert environment. We utilise water troughs that are strictly monitored to ensure no wastage.

Cleaning – The red dirt and dust of the Red Centre is iconic and we believe it would be a waste of good dirt, dust and water to clean our vehicles and the outside of our buildings more than required – vehicles we do clean monthly to keep In in good order but the buildings get better with age and the red hue adds to their appeal. We are an authentic working farm, there’s supposed to be a bit of dirt and dust about.


Uluru Camel Tours uses diesel fuel in buses and earth moving equipment, electricity to operate the office and shop including air-conditioning, for external lighting and for refrigeration (cool room) and gas for cooking and heating water.

Diesel – the buses are kept in optimum working condition through regular servicing, maximising their fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are chosen because they save up to 33% in fuel efficiency versus the same sized petrol engine (NRMA study). By offering transfers we also keep cars off the road and minimise their impact on the fragile desert environment. Our earth moving equipment is maintained in optimum condition and only used when needed, which is only occasionally. Diesel is purchased in bulk from Alice Springs and delivered with the AAT Kings delivery, minimising transport costs and reducing emission impacts.

Electricity – All lighting, office equipment and appliances have the highest efficiency rating available (from the limited range available to us in our remote location) and only used when necessary. Minimum security lighting is used at night. The buildings are insulated and air-conditioning only used when necessary. The cool room is brand new and the seals are in perfect working condition maximising efficiency.

Gas – Our BBQs are kept clean and regularly serviced to ensure they operate to maximum efficiency. Our water heating is industry leading hot water on demand, only employed when needed. Gas is purchased in large bottles and delivered with regular deliveries minimising transport impacts.


All rubbish is cleaned up on tour by our cameleers, we have a zero litter impact policy and monitor our impact and that of our guests closely. All office and shop waste is recycled were possible using recycling facilities provided by Voyages Ayer Rock Resort. We pride ourselves on recycling materials to fit out our shop, the saddlery and other buildings, in a remote location every item reused is a great saving in landfill or transport costs. We also recycle our camel waste by bagging and selling it as garden fertilizer in Yulara and Alice Springs, some even finds its way into camel poo paper made by a local lady. All oil, tyres and other waste items from our vehicles and equipment is reused on farm where possible or recycled/disposed of to EPA standards through local/regional suppliers. All cleaning chemicals are biodegradable or grey water compliant. All bio waste is captured in septic systems which are in sound condition and are pumped out as needed, with all waste being treated to EPA standards for disposal by contractors.


Uluru Camel Tours places great emphasis on the idea of community and continues to ensure that it cements itself as a valued community member at Yulara. Working in a remote location necessitates the need for a strong community culture that can help make all local businesses thrive including our own. A happy community culture makes Yulara a great place to live and work,
despite its remoteness, and this helps staff retention for all companies operating here and also helps our visitors have the best experience possible as happy staff make for better quality
customer service.

The farm and race track are valuable community assets and infrastructure. The race track is utilised annually for the Uluru Camel Cup, a celebration of the outback that brings over 1,200 residents, Alice Springs locals and visitors together. The free BBQ’s and picnic facilities are often used by community members for picnics and gatherings.

By continuing to provide a successful camel farm and attraction Uluru Camel Tours is ensuring the region’s rich history associated with these ‘ships of the desert’ still lives on today for
everyone to experience.

Our Contribution to the local and regional economies

Uluru Camel Tours has a buy local policy, as sourcing local and regional products and services significantly contributes to the sustainability of our communities, their businesses and creates local jobs. We contribute over $1 million annually to the local and regional economies through wages, purchasing goods and services and payment of commissions to regional tourism businesses. Not bad for a little camel farm.

What is Eco Certification?

ECO certification is a sustainability certification program for nature-based tourism products, certifying sustainable business practices, minimal impact operations, best practice environmental management, interpretation, contribution to conservation, respect for culture, and working with local communities.
ECO certification was introduced in 1996 and is managed by Ecotourism Australia. It was one of the first programs of its kind in the world, is Approved through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Integrity program